Down below i am going to give a list of a few of my Favourite things including anime,video games,TV shows and maybe some other stuff…

I just made a Myanimelist account for you guys in case you would like to check out what i watch,watched and plan on watching i wasn’t able to make a complete list because it would take me too long but i made a little  one to give you guys an idea of what kind of anime i watch i plan on updating my list maybe every month.

All Naruto/Naruto Shippuden games , Dragon ball and Dragon Ball Z , Call of Duty , Battlefield , World of Warcraft , Spyro , Pokemon , Inazuma eleven and Go and many others.

I don’t only watch TV shows on Netflix so if there is a show in my list that is not on Netflix just comment below and i will send you a link ; The Vampire Diaries , The Walking Dead , Teen Wolf , Son’s Of Anarchy , Bates Motel , Friends , The Crown , War and Peace , Brooklyn Nine-Nine , Jane the Virgin , Blue Mountain State , 13 Reasons Why , Stranger Things , American Horror Story , Designated Survivor , The Originals , The Flash and Supergirl . I am sure i forgot a few but i will add them if they come back to me.



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