Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Review


Directed by: Osamu Nabeshima

Written by: Yoshiyuki Suga.

Music By: Kaoru Wada.

Studio: TMS Entertainment. 

Licensed by: Discotek Media.

Released: June 24, 2009 to July 20 ,2011.

Number of episodes: 26 episodes.

I will start by saying that i love Saint Seiya , one of the reasons i love it so much is that the characters are so well developed the whole plus the mythology and incredible powers and lets not forget the great plot.

It’s an old show and when it first came out in October 1986 the animation was not as good as what we can see in more recent anime but with the new arcs like ” Soul of Gold & The Lost Canvas” the animation is very refined we really notice it in the fight scenes its a lot more detailed we can see every little detail of everything happening without feeling overwhelmed .


Ok Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas is a spin off of the main series its the story of the Holy War that took place in the 18th century. It tells the story of three orphaned friend ; Tenma who after spending 2 years at the sanctuary will become the Pegasus Saint , Sacha the reincarnation of Athena and Alone the reincarnation of The God of the Underworld Hades and i’m sure you can guess that once the Holy War begins there friendship is shattered.

The Lost Canvas is an great way to get into Saint Seiya of course the original is awesome but there is a lot of people that can’t watch it due to the old animation. The Lost Canvas was written by Yoshiyuki Suga of course that is the anime the manga was written by Shiori Teshirogi but we are talking about the anime.The anime its self is beautiful in every way the characters were so lovable a big part of that is that we got so much background on so many characters that you feel emotionally attached to a lot of them even does who are on Hades side,the story is so interesting i felt sucked in partly because  i am a big fan of Mythology so for me Saint Seiya is nearly perfect and The Lost Canvas is amazing in that way . If you are like me and you have watched the old or original show you would know who Pandora is and in the original her story is well told but this series gives us another view on her and i personally enjoyed that they did that .

Now like in every Saint Seiya you expect a lot of fights and The Lost Canvas does not disappoint in that area because most of the fights in this spin off are bloody epic. We can thanl the new beautiful animation for the stunning fight sequences the detail int animation of the power moves is amazing the colours are vibrant its just stunning and impressive. 


In Saint Seiya there is what is Known as the Gold Saints and these guys are bad ass and in The Lost Canvas they play a pretty big role in the story and i really liked that it want always all about Tenma and the rest of the Primary characters because there wasn’t only the Gold Saints that are were awesome secondary characters there was also Yato who like Tenma was at the sanctuary to become a saint it took him longer then Tenma to become one but he is pretty cool he is the Saint of the Unicorn at the beginning when we first meet him hes not the most likeable character but he grows on you well he grew on me at least , then there is Crane Yuzuriha she is also a Saint the Saint of the Crane she becomes friends with Tenma and Yato and like both of them her primary goal is to protect Athena .

12 Gold Saints of Athena

When The Lost Canvas ended i felt like there was still a lot they could do with this but Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas is still great i loved it and like i said before you don,t need any prior knowledge to watch it so it,s great for those who want to join the Saint Seiya saga but don,t enjoy old school animation, I wouldn’t be able to recommend this anime enough its really great even if you don,t know anything about Saint Seiya and you just want an anime with a lot of action this is an anime for you .

 That,s my review of Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas, i hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave a comment below and until next time MATA NE.


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